We help early stage startups build diverse, impactful cap tables through the Coalition Operators fund and network.


We are active founders and operators.

As a group, we’ve been in the trenches of company building from incubation all the way through to multiple unicorn rounds of funding, acquisition, and IPO.

We believe operators can be some of the most valuable people on cap tables, so we set out to build the venture products we wanted as founders.


Coalition Fund I is a $12.5M fund that backs early stage companies with capital and expertise from active founders and operators. Our sweet spot is Seed and an average investment of $250K.

Startups in our early portfolio include:

As angels and scouts, we previously invested in the Seed rounds of startups including Vanta, Unit21, Mutiny, Plume, BaseTen, Loyal, and more.


The Coalition Network is a place for women to build their worlds, wealth and impact beyond their core jobs.

We've partnered with top venture capital firms on a new advisory model to scalably connect senior operators with startups where their expertise is uniquely valuable. We're building additional products to bring a more diverse group of investors and advisors onto cap tables.

Operators in the Coalition Network include senior leaders at:


Coalition wants to make more women operators and investors at the same damn time

A new fund meets new economic model.